Going Home from Rehab - An Interview

What are some common fears or concerns people have the day they first go home from rehab? 

For me, when I first left the hospital, one of my biggest fears was just getting acclimated out into the real world.  Now, you don’t have therapists coming in, reminding you – hey, did you do this or hey, did you do that?  The reality of – wow – this is just real world life again.  It’s always a challenge and I would assume that people are still dealing with that when they leave.  Accessibility issues are always an issue.  When you go somewhere, is the bathroom going to be accessible?  Are there stairs?  Is the seating area accessible?  You have all types of issues that you deal with and as you become more in-tune with your body and comfortable with your disability, those tend to go away because you adapt well.  You make do and you know that if it is not the ideal situation, you know how to move forward with that.


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